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McMath-Hulbert Observatory Debriefing

Brief History of the Solar Observatory The McMath-Hulbert Observatory (MHO), was founded in 1930 by three amateur astronomers, Francis McMath, his son Robert McMath, and Henry Hulbert, with the goal of enhancing their clever development of time lapse astrophotography, for outreach purposes. It soon garnered the interests of the University of Michigan and evolved into…
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Rent a Telescope!

Our club now has a telescope for rent as well as binoculars.  Visit our Online Store to check availability today.

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The General Motors Astronomy Club hosts monthly events that are FREE and open to the public, including: Open Observing Night – monthly meeting at the Milford Proving Ground Softball Fields Sidewalk Astronomy – in the summer, GMAC sets up their telescopes on the sidewalk¬† in downtownMilford, where passersby can see Jupiter Saturn, or the Moon,…
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M27 – Dumbell Nebula

A planetary nebula, the remains of an exploded star, in the constellation Vulpecula.