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RENTAL EQUIPMENT: Intermediate Telescope Bundle

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Equipment Description

  • Compact and lightweight, yet sturdy - a perfect Dobsonian reflector telescope for traveling or easy trips to the backyard at home
  • 4.5" aperture and 900mm focal length provide clear views of lunar craters and plains on the Moon, planets, bright nebulas and galaxies
  • Collects a whopping 260% more light than a typical 60mm-aperture beginner telescope - which means hundreds more objects will be visible through the Orion SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dobsonian reflector
  • Club upgraded eyepiece kit includes three eyepieces: 8-24 mm zoom, 32mm, and a 3x Barlow


Rental Agreement

This store item is a FREE rental for club members only.  By "purchasing" this item on this site, you agree to borrow it from the club and return it in the condition you received it, within 30 days.  You will be required to sign this or similar rental  agreement (no fees will be charged):

Equipment Lease Agreement

Contact Jim Goodall, if you would like to rent this equipment.

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