Cloudy Nights Workshop

The Cloudy Nights Workshop series is a backup event for the monthly Open Observing Night. If the forecast for the scheduled Friday is cloudy, the event is moved to a location in Hartland. The decision will be made on Thursday morning and communicated by email.

The event is hosted by Jim and Moriah Goodall, in their 2000 square-foot pole barn, where there is lots of space for projects, plenty of tools, and a play area for the younger kids.  When we have this event,  we don’t expect great weather, but if it happens to be clear, you can bet we’ll have the scopes set up!  Activities for this event are described here:

1 Hour Before Sunset – Popcorn and Snacks

Soft drinks, snacks, and socializing before the presentation begins.  The kids will enjoy  slot car racing on our track in the shop, and they are welcome to get started on a project before the presentation starts.


We will usually have a presentation lined up for the occasion, but if not, we will show a short film from YouTube.

After Sunset, Hands-On Activities / Open Observing

– After the presentation, kids of all ages will be invited to join in fun hands-on activities

– Work on science projects, build stuff

– Learn to use tools and lab equipment (hammers, ratchets, impact wrench, multimeters, graduated cylinders, mass balances, and much more…)

– If it is clear, we’ll set up the telescopes!

What to Bring (optional):

– Your telescope!  If it is clear, we can set it up outside, but if it’s cloudy, we can set it up inside and teach you how to clean and collimate it

 – Anything broken (appliances, toys, computers) and we’ll fix it together… or we’ll at least find out how it works 

Join us 7:30PM to 10PM at:

Goodall Barn 
13665 Hibner Rd
Hartland, MI 48353
+1 540 718 3278

If you have any ideas for projects, bring them along.  Our team of engineers and designers love to work on projects with the kids.  We hope to see you there!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me (Jim Goodall, 586-709-5888).

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