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If we are not conveniently located for your celestial needs, perhaps one of our neighbors can help:

Detroit Area Astronomy and Light Pollution Map

Recommended Products

Whether you are looking to get started in amateur astronomy or you are a seasoned veteran, some of these products may be of interest to you:

Recommended Websites & Software

  • MPG Historical Society / Retiree Club – a group of General Motors retirees who act as caretakers of the history of the Milford Proving Grounds (MPG) and meet weekly for breakfast in Milford.
  • Boon Hill Amateur Astronomy – a blog from one of our club members, Doug Bock (also see feed below)
  • Dark Site Finder – An excellent map of general light pollution
  • Light Pollution Map – A more detailed light pollution map, with different sources
  • Heavens Above – A great resource for tracking satellites, predicting Iridium flares, ISS, etc.
  • TheSkyLive – Great website with planet, asteroid, and comet data in an easy-to-use format.  Includes online planetarium and 3D Solar System simulator.
  • Stellarium – Excellent free planetarium software for exploring the night sky from anywhere.

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